Twitter Vs Facebook, Finding New Travel Clients and Business Clients

Twitter has approximately 150 million searches in a month, with over 225 million users (2012). Facebook has about ten times that many searches, mostly for keywords such as Facebook chat, how to change my Facebook page, etc. Face book has over 500 million users, but only a certain percentage open their account every single day.

LinkedIn has approximately 125 million users and around 20 million searches in any given months.

Based on the numbers, you would automatically say that Facebook would be the better option for acquiring new clients? Many people would agree. And many small business owners, including travel agents set out to reach more clients by creating a Facebook Page and a Fan Page, and spending hours engaging in online conversations, with potential clients.

However, if you look at the platform, of the three different social networks, you will notice that one, more so then the other two is utilized by people on the go. If you check your demographics, you will find that twitter has approximately seven percent more mobile users in a day then any of the other major social networking sites.

For some small business owners, this is excellent, but for other businesses, like travel agents, this is pure gold. Twitter allows you to put the destination, the cost and a couple adjectives to describe the travel event into a tweet. And when people are interested, they will follow ‘through’, by clicking on the link.

Twitter has one thing going it for it that the other mega social sites don’t have, and that is, it is mobile friendly. And there are more mobile phones in the world than there are computers. (2012) The policy of “KISS,” keep it simple stupid, is a winning platform for mobile use. The 140 character limit keeps the messages short and simple, and this more than anything is the reason Twitter is an “on the go communications” platform, which can speak to busy people, regardless of their schedule or location.

People are busy. People don’t always have the time to review their emails, open up their Facebook account, or see whose doing what on Linked In. People are busy and Twitter speaks to “busy people.”

People are not concerned that you will over power them with advertising or a message that they just don’t have the time to read or delete. With Twitter, they know, the message won’t be longer than 140 characters. It’s safe to hear what you have to say. It is safe to let you in. In fact, because you are tweeting about a positive diversion, (vacation) they look forward to hearing from you.

There is a reason that there are more mature individuals on Twitter than on Facebook every day. And this is the same reason that travel agents may want to look at Twitter a little closer before deciding to place their primary marketing efforts in other areas. Twitter followers are easier to acquire and cheaper to advertise to. You will still need to develop a relationship with your followers, but it only has to be a 140 character relationship! In time, they will visit your web site, if what you have to offer is of value.

The downside to Twitter if there is one, is that the search engines don’t appear to index the tweets as much as they do the Facebook and LinkedIn comments which are keyword loaded with relevancy.