Incredible India – An Emerging Hub of Travel and Tourism

There are millions and millions of travelers around the world who prefer to put through their vacations in India each year. The reasons are innumerable and countless, some may be those in search of spiritual peace and harmony. Travelers around the world take a lot of time to plan for their incredible India Tour or for celebrating holidays in India. Most of the times, an India tour is regarded a long tradition in some families especially in the western countries due to its historical connection. Nevertheless, there are also some families that choose not to take a tour to India. This attitude of the travelers is at peak especially during the time of terror attack. As peace is one of the first conditions to blossom the tour and travel industry. Another reason of apathetic attitude of the travelers is lack of basic infrastructure required for the tourism compared to other developed countries of the world. What is more required is the professional training to the local people as a part of responsible tourism. In spite of all these troubles, millions and millions of travelers are coming each year to this world destination called Incredible India!

On the other hand, India tour operators are required to offer the cheap tour packages to increase the volume of the travelers. While tailoring the family travel packages, India travel agent should keep in mind the budget of the below middle class family as per international norms. If the tour and travel packages will become cheaper, this will also lead to the cultural interaction among the various nations of the world. Travelers will know more and more about the culture, history, geography, customs, traditions, nature’s splendors etc. if all governments of the courtiers come together to make special provision or to assist the private tour operators to provide the cheapest travel packages to create an environment of the positive word tourism.

However, travelers coming to India find the travel packages that suit their budget especially while they are making holidays with their family. There are number of flights coming to India offer cheap air tickets. Even the travel agents in India offer the cheapest air tickets to the travelers via their high-tech travel portal. This may have the positive impact in the business of Indian tourism industry where an effort is being made to include a new class in the lines air travelers. The below middle class segment of the society can afford the rates offered to travel by air in India. So, when looking at the cost of a family tour to India, the travelers will find the numerous tourist destinations in India where they can have vacation with the family and friends or groups.

The same tendency of cheapest rate, travelers can find while searching for hotels in India. There are numerous budget hotels available in all the major tourist destinations of India. Normally three star hotels of India are believed to the budget hotels. In this area also, the Ministry of Tourism, IRCTC, India tour operators besides Corporate in hotel industry come together to provide all possible hospitality to the tourists coming from all parts of the world. For the easiness of the customers, the India travel agents via their travel site incorporate almost all types of hotels into their travel directory to offer the best services at budget rate available at the time of online hotel booking. In India, TravelChaCha has come out as one stop shop for all kinds of travel services.

Swamped into royal grandness and lasting legacy it has more than lots to tender tourists with unbeatable monuments and elegant palaces that grandly stand to recount the saga of bygone era, glorious past, rich cultural heritage, colorful culture & tradition, majestic monuments, wonderful forts, impressive palaces, tremendous temples, historical cities, rustic villages, shimmering sand dunes, exciting desert safaris, camel ride, forest safari, mountains, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and much more. So, these are emerging positive aspects in the evolutionary process of Incredible India which has to become the hub of travel and tourism in the list of world tourism.

Cheap Ticket Air Travel Secrets – Use This Easy Three Step Process!

We are all interested in cheap ticket air travel when we fly. However, there are not a lot of people who know how to achieve this goal. Even many seasoned travelers make mistakes when flying that cost them lots of money they would not otherwise have to spend. This article reveals one of the cheap ticket air travel secrets-an easy 3 step process to help you get the lowest priced plane tickets.

The first step to cheap ticket air travel is to make sure you book your flight well in advance. Airlines need to plan flights in advance so they know how much food, fuel, & space for luggage will be required on a flight.They will give you a much lower rate for allowing them the opportunity to plan ahead. You should be booking your flights at least one month in advance, & preferably longer to set your self up for the little used step 3.

The second step to cheap ticket air travel is to book your flight at an inconvenient time. Everybody wants to fly between 9Am and 5PM, and businesses are most likely to purchase flights in this time frame, & that drives up the price. By flying at an odd time, competition for tickets will be lower as well as prices.

The final step to cheap ticket air travel is one most people never think about, & it costs travelers millions of dollars a year they would not otherwise pay. It makes plenty of extra money for the airlines, & it is so simple to avoid. Once you book your tickets, continue to monitor the price. If it drops prior to your flight, call the airline & ask for a refund of the difference. This one tip can save you tons of money if you just USE it.

How Travel Agents Can Use SEO to Benefit From the Sheer Numbers

According to the US Travel Association, the spending for leisure travel, both domestic and international, totaled more than $52 billion in 2010. Of this $82 billion was generated in tax revenue. It is reported that U.S. residents, took1.5 billion personal and leisure trips in 2010.

What this means is this is not only a good time to be a travel professional, but an excellent time to spread your wings as an outside travel consultant, either part-time or full-time.

In 2010, international traveler spending totaled $134 billion and Americans spent a total of $103 billion overseas, creating a trade surplus of $32 billion for the U.S. There were over 59 million international arrivals into the United States in 2010, with over 26 million from overseas and 33 plus million from Mexico and Canada.

International travel to the United States, directly supported over 900,000 U.S. jobs with $24+ billion in wages.

With numbers like this, travel is not only a good business to be in, but has an extremely profitable forecast for the coming years, along with expected growth in personal travel services.

Where and how travelers purchase travel will always include the best prices, and the most benefits. Mega travel sites will continue to play an important role in setting the standards of cost, expectations and things to do, once you get to a select destination.

It is expected that web sites, which compare airfares, from many different sites, will continue to grow in popularity and more than likely will become the norm when searching for cheap airfare on regular scheduled flights. It remains to be seen if the “book early discounted airfares” will be included in the comparison searches, or will remain only on the websites of the designated airlines.

The questions of how many airfare consolidated businesses will remain open, appears to be one of the next hot topics in the travel industry. But, through it all, personalized travel professionals are expected to do well, and might want to gear up for learning how to snag more online clients.

There are over six million searches a month for the keywords: airfare tickets, and over 9 million searches for keywords: cheap airfare. However, there are twice as many searches for the keyword: travel agency, than there is for the keyword: travel sites

What this says is, millions of people are looking for travel deals every month. Being found by these millions of travelers should be any travel agent’s first priority. It is a world of digital communication, and the one who communicates, most effectively, online wins. Travel professionals will need to learn and understand keywords, such as: Facebook, Linked In blog, twitter, email campaigns, articles, electronic press releases, social bookmarking, forum posting, e-classifieds, RSS Feeds, back links, directories and how these keywords tie into one another. These are just a few of the major keywords, which will become more important to travel professionals who market online. This does not include the phone apps, and being able to book a client to anywhere in the world from your cell phone, or mobile marketing, which is the latest marketing techniques.