E-Classified Ads, Free Internet Marketing Tips for Travel Agents

Travel Agents have it easy, when they understand how they can tap into the massive need of travelers. People love travel, and when they are feeling blue, even a little, they surf the web for that perfect travel deal.

Let’s look at some facts, and then review the classified ad technique, to find new travel clients.

Fact: On the average there are over 600,000 searches, per month for the keyword: travel deal.

Fact: There are over 16 million searches, per month for the word: airfare.

Fact: There is an average of half a million searches, per month for keywords: travel site.

Fact: You should be sitting down for this fact: There is an average of over 20,000,000 (that is 20 million) searches a month for the keyword: cruises Now, if you take the ‘s’ off of cruises and make the keyword: cruise, the monthly average is over 30 million searches.

This article is about tapping into this massive need for information that Internet users have expressed.

One cheap, yet extremely effective and inexpensive to free, method of advertising travel, online is to use classified ad sites. To name a few craigslist.com, backpage.com, oodle.com, and any and all classified ad sites you come across.

Why, because, the search robots crawl these sites daily in most cases, hourly. And when you write your classified ad with keyword to content ratio in mind, your classified ad can easily end up at the top of the major search engines.

In order to increase of chances of your classified ad appearing at the top in the major search engines, you should:

1. Use your keyword(s) in your ad title (Doesn’t hurt to research your keyword. How popular is your keyword?

2. Write 300 to 400 words in the ad’s body.

3. Be sure your content to keyword ratio is high. (Meaning for every 100 to 150 words, use your keyword and variations of your keyword)

4. Be sure your content is original and un-duplicated.

5. Add images and video if allowed to do so.

Before you write your ad, put your proposed title, into the search engines. This will give you an idea of what information is already out there, and how you can fit in. And remember, the keywords: travel deals to Hawaii is always better than the keyword: Hawaii. Long tail keywords can often get you high placement in the search engines long before a short keyword.

Think of an e-classified ad, as a mini press-release. Give information. Marketing gurus say, the more information you provide, the more you will sell. What we know for sure is: The more information you provide, the more comfortable people feel.

Gold Travel Insurance

Most insurers provide at least three levels of travel insurance policy, normally labelled bronze, silver and gold. These three products pretty much equate to budget, standard and premium grade protection. What normally happens is that the insurance providers will advertise the ‘bronze’ price and then try and encourage you to buy the ‘gold’ policy instead. So do you really need gold plated travel insurance?

The answer is probably not. One way of padding out an insurance cover is with the medical insurance cover. To buy travel insurance in the UK you need to be a UK resident and this means that as long as you carry your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) most of your medical expenses should you fall ill in Europe would by covered by the EEA reciprocal agreement. this allows insurers to offer millions of pounds worth of medical cover knowing full well that they will almost never have to pay out the full amount. Although a medical repatriation maybe expensive, running to up to quarter of a million pounds, this is nothing to the five, ten or fifteen million pounds of medical cover that premium travel insurance offers.

Getting Drunk Invalidates Your Travel Insurance

Another way of adding value easily to a gold policy is the offer millions of pounds worth of personal liability cover. It logic is quite simple, the more responsible a person you are the more likely you are to buy a premium policy and the less likely you are to be the cause of an accident that injures somebody else. The number one cause of personal liability claims is being drunk and in that situation your holiday insurance is invalid. The same is true if you injure yourself. If you need to go to hospital and your blood test results show high levels of alcohol then your holiday insurance may well not cover your medical expenses.

So if the gold travel insurance policies are stuffed with stuff you don’t need, what are they for?

Well, a gold quality travel insurance policy comes with more cancellation and curtailment cover than any other class of policy. You get more baggage allowance than any other policy and more added extra extras. The most important factor is that if you are taking a more expensive holiday, your travel cover must cover the cost of your holiday and this is the domain of the gold or premium policy.

What If I Am Not Taking A Really Expensive Holiday?

Then as long as the same rule applies, that the holiday costs less than the cancellation or curtailment cover then you can afford to drop down to either a silver standard or bronze/budget policy with no significant loss of cover. What ever policy you are looking, you should always make sure that every activity you are planning while you are away is covered by the policy you intend to buy. Premium travel insurance policies are not a status symbol, they are a way for the travel insurance industry to match the pricing of policies to the level of cover offered and as such they can prove to be the most cost effective option.